Our Future - $7.8 Million for Construction of our Long Awaited Master Plan!

from little things big things grow


We are so proud of our School Councils and staff over many years who achieved this great feat.  Philip Dalidakis who worked determinedly for our school to achieve the funding made the announcement in December 2017.

Minister MerlinoThank you to Minister Merlino for the faith he has shown for our future development and we acknowledge Murray Thompason MLA Sandringham, who has also worked tirelessly for our school over many years to achieve this

School gets huge cash splash

Special Recognition

Past School Council Presidents' - Colin McGuinness Smith, Ben Solly, Steve Pleasant, Marcus Harvey, Geoff McRobinson and Belinda Wilson.

Staff past & present - Assistant Principals Pam Anderson, Kendra Parker, Lynne Kemp and Genevieve Casonato, teachers Karen Roberts & Kate Hornsby.

Facilities Committee members - Andrew Newton, Russell Bennett & Andrew Charlton

The school appreciates the work achieved by staff at INDEC and VSBA as well as DET Facilities team at Southern Region.

Thank you to the amazing staff and parent community for their patience, support and faith that eventually we will achieve our dream of more acceptable learning facilities for our Sandy East students. 




Master Plan - Comes Alive

Our Master Plan will consist of 8 new learning spaces including additional work spaces, outdoor learning and new toilet facilities, along with a new staffroom, canteen, music room and art room.  We will also gain a large multi-use stadium.

The school community are so enthusiastic to see that our students will soon have State of the Art learning environments.



Here's what has happened so far...

Over the 2017/2018 Summer school holidays, our two storey building (Mod 10) to host 4 classes was installed and made ready for the return of our students at the beginning of Term 1 making way to decant areas being demolished for the build.

Term 2 has brought lots of excitement with our build set and ready to go.  Recently we installed a single storey (Mod 5) building to accommodate two more classes and in May our old Japanese classroom was demolished and a single storey (Mod 3) was moved to accommodate another of our classes.

The builders have now set up and are working full steam ahead on all the behind the scenes details before demolishing the buildings starting June 18.

Demolition began bright and early on Monday and all should be completed before we finish school for Term 2!

Watch this video to see part of the demolition in action!  Demolition

The Hearld - June 27, 1965 found deep in the heart of SEPS!

Demotion is complete with the site now being prepared for services.

Philip Dalidakis visted on Friday 20th July to turn sod and see our progress. The builders, architect, SC President and Facilities were there along with our four School Captains.