Our Vision

Sandringham East Primary School (SEPS) aims to become a Sustainable School by reducing our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practices in our everyday lives. We will achieve this by integrating sustainability into all areas of the curriculum to develop skills and values related to environmental care, responsibility and improvement. We will lead the community by demonstrating exemplary practices in waste management, water and energy usage.

Sustainability Captains

2017 Sustainability Leaders

Sustainable Garden

With our philosophy “From Garden to Plate”, students are involved in cultivation, planting, garden care, harvesting and cooking.  Students gain an understanding of the connection from garden to kitchen, culminating in a cooking lesson using the fruits of their labour.

SEPS Wins One Star Accreditation

SEPS has been award our first of five stars as part of Sustainability Victoria’s program designed to help schools to take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Schools also help Victorian school students and teachers show leadership in climate change through practical and achievable actions.

We would like to thank our ResourceSmart mentors for their guidance.

We have commenced the documentation for our 2nd star, the Energy Star.

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Energy Savings

Have you noticed our new green lighting?

In 2013 a team of parents and teachers successfully applied for an Energy Efficiency Grant. After an energy usage audit was conducted by a team of students, we decided to upgrade all of our lighting to LED and low voltage  lighting. This upgrade of our lighting took place during the September holidays in 2015. In addition to being very bright, these lights should save our school and the planet.

Stay tuned for our $$ savings.

Tuesday Nude Food Movers

Tuesdays are Nude Food Movers Day. Please do not bring any wrappers to school. Instead, bring containers that you can reuse. Healthy environmentally friendly lunches help our world and help keep our school clean and green. We do not like to see wrappers in our school. We do not want wrappers in our school because rats, mice, foxes, birds and other creatures may eat them.

Attached are some tips for bring a Nude lunchbox to school.  Nude Food Parent Information

Walk or Ride to School

Did you know that the best way to come to school is by walking or riding. Some of the benefits of walking or riding to school are:

  • we build our fitness
  • our brains are ready for learning and we are not tired
  • we reduce traffic and parking issues in our area
  • we help our planet by reducing carbon emissions

Green Team 2016

Our Green student leadership team is currently working on some awesome initiative and ways to celebrate our environment. Stay tuned for our first day of activities and watch out for our Bay Display in the foyer.

How Can You Get Involved?

Community of Greenies – a community of staff, parents, students and other interested members of the community.

Highlights of our Green Program from 2015

  • i Sea, i Care Ambassadors learn about the amazing marine life in our Bay and ways to protect it.
  • Walk to School Day
  • Ride to School Day
  • Enviro Week
  • Sustainable School's Festival
  • Kids Teaching Kids Foundation Rotations
  • Kids Teaching Kids Level 1 & 2 Rotations

Links for the Community

Bird Spotting and recording during Birds in Backyards Week.

Analysing our rubbish during Enviro Week.