School Staff

The Staff at SEPS work as a collegiate team to foster positive community relationships and develop confident, successful learners who are responsible, ethical and global citizens. We all work within flexible learning spaces to provide our students with opportunities to take on challenges, engage in high level thinking and utilise ICT to complement learning.

Our teaching teams are dedicated and committed to the expectation that our students continue to achieve to their best.



2017 School Staff


Laureen Walton

Assistant Principal

Genevieve Casonato

Teaching Staff

00A Amy Sellick
00B Ryan Mc Culloch
00C Kelly Ransom
00D Vicki John
1A Meaghan Woods
1B Alana Walsh
1C Jessica Griffin
1D Rhiannon Harris
2A Claire Parsons
2B Jana Hain and Carmen Leal
2C Jenny Dare
2D Arran Armatige
3A Eileen Thompson
3B Owen Davies
3C4C Robyn Hall and Claire Cstrillon
4A Anthony Klvac
4B Joh Fitness
5A Kristy Cullen
5B Jessica Webb
5C6C Michelle Smith and Johannes Scherpenhuizen
6A Trudy Gau
6B Sean Daley

Specialists Programs & Teaching Support

Teaching - Literacy Support Sheila Pfeffer and Wendy Arkey
Physical Education David Richardson and Jack Rosenblatt
Visual Art Julie Van Etten
LOTE - Japanese Josie Briggs
Performing Arts Johannes Scherpenhuizen

Education Support Staff

Education Support Office Staff Joanne Kitson
Von Singleton
Leanne Matthews
Cath Campion
Catherine Boulton
Education Support Integration Aides Sonia Dickson
Julie Laurent
Kathy Bowles
Welfare / Counsellor Melanie Edgar
ICT Technician Alex Stevens
Library Assistant Sonia Dickson
Kitchen Garden Marco Piscioneri 
Volunteers Ronda Henderson
Laurie Barnes
Merv Bolten
Sue Murphy
and our Story Dogs team.

We welcome anyone who has some time to volunteer to work with our students and teachers. Please contact the school Principal, Laureen Walton if you are interested.  Please note a Working with Children Check (WWCC) is mandatory.