Principal’s message – Laureen Walton

I welcome you to the warm and friendly community of Sandringham East Primary School where we will each work together to meet the goals, dreams and aspirations you have for your children.

At Sandy East we understand the importance of a rich, vibrant learning community, and aim to focus on creative, cooperative and innovative teaching and learning in our classrooms. Our focus on sustainability ensures that our students become aware of global issues through growing our own vegetables, conserving water, caring for our chickens and looking after our environment.

Sandy East is a school that is safe, caring and stimulating and we endeavour to develop excellence in all activities, which are undertaken by your children.

Our school priority encapsulates the vision of the school community and includes teaching and learning where students THINK… IMAGINE… BECOME!

My door is always open to parents wishing to discuss their child's progress, or anything related to the school and I look forward to meeting with you. I hope that this website is of value in increasing your knowledge of our wonderful school. I look forward to sharing more about our great school. I encourage you to contact the office to make an appointment for a parent tour with me.

Kind regards to all,

Laureen Walton - Principal

 Laureen Walton, Principal