School Profile

Sandringham East is a coeducational primary school located in the leafy beachside Sandringham, 15 kilometres south east of Melbourne. Our vision “To build an inclusive community that empowers, challenges and inspires learners to foster their creativity and talents developing the skills to fulfil their dreams in an ever-changing world to:  ‘THINK...IMAGINE...BECOME.’

Our school values include: care, compassion, doing your best, fair go, freedom, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, respect, responsibility, understanding, tolerance and inclusion. The school has in place a range of strategies to promote engagement, positive behaviour and respectful relationships for students.

Sandringham East is a progressive school preparing students for a dynamic future. We have a proud history since 1931 with over 91 years serving the Sandringham community. Our community hub values relationships and a sense of community – a diverse community with 5.3 % speaking a language other than English representing 19 countries and 4% disadvantaged families. SFO is .2416. The school employs a Welfare Officer/ Counsellor who supports families for educational, wellbeing and family issues.

Sandringham East prides itself on a diversity of programs that cater for personalising student learning needs through curriculum programs and Individual Learning Plans. Literacy and numeracy are essential foundations for student success.  Our last Peer school review stated that: “Sandringham East PS presents as one of southern Melbourne’s high achieving primary schools. In fact, in many areas, as this school grows, the Student Achievement, Student Engagement and Student Wellbeing programs also continue to grow and improve. As entry levels are high the school believes that maximum student growth beyond 12 months’ time frame is important.  Close to 95% of students are achieving at or beyond Australian Curriculum and AusVELS levels each year from Foundation to Year 6. National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) growth levels remain close to or beyond State, Regional and National mean score levels. Numeracy and English Spelling, Grammar and Speaking and Listening are focus areas in the new School Strategic Plan (SSP). The Review Panel believe that in many ways this school is being transformed from a traditional learning environment to a more consistent approach in the delivery of best practice teaching and learning. The panel also believe there is the necessary passion and resources at Sandringham East PS in order to deliver even higher educational outcomes at this school.”

Students enjoy our bright, engaging flexible learning environments which cater for a range of learning styles and individual needs. The Walker Learning Approach is implemented, connecting students to their learning through interest. Students are supported through the Program for Students with Disabilities.

Facilities provide a safe and secure setting, surrounded by a sanctuary, incorporating a walking track, oval, oriental and indigenous gardens, bountiful vegetable patch and hens provide eggs for our community.  An amazing adventure Playscape was completed and opened in October 2016 which the school community funded.  Students are excited that their leisure time will be playing creatively in this great sanctuary environment with ropes, tunnels, tree platforms, cubbies, sandpit, digging pit, water play and a massive log fort.  A Ga Ga game area has been installed, and the school's Play Shed provides creative play resources for our students during lunch breaks. Students work with our school gardener sowing and tending the garden, cooking healthy meals and selling produce to the school community.

Financial commitments invest to improving facilities to cater for 21st century learning. Our 1:1 computer program for students in levels 3 – 6 sees around 95% of students with their own device. Professional teaching teams are dedicated to setting high expectations, personalising learning so students achieve to their best. The biggest impact on student learning is the quality of the teacher, and we devote resources to improving teacher capacity. The school engages Adam Voigt, Tracey Ezard, Misty Adoniou, Di Siemon and Kathy Walker as critical friends to work with staff to improve teaching and learning.

Highly regarded specialist programs include Literacy and Numeracy support, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Mandarin. As an Asian Literate school we communicate with our sister school in the Philippines. Excursions, camps (adventure and educational), sports events and swimming provide our students with a well-rounded education. We work with Sandringham College (employing Andrew Wilkisnon to teach Science as part of our school's STEM program), John Monash Science (Little Scientist Program) and the i Sea, i Care Dolphin Project for students who are passionate about science and sustainability.

We value our links and partnership with Sandringham College, located adjacent to Sandringham East. Mutual benefits are gained from this relationship as well as a positive transition to secondary schooling.

The school encourages community as part of the process of schooling through School Council and Class Parent Program that is incorporated within the Parents and Friends Association.  The school sees parents as vital partners in a child’s education. The school links with the broader community to provide extra-curricular activities for students, including Sporting Schools Program, Instrumental music, Singing Club, Chess, Auslan Club, Chinese and many other Lunch Clubs.  Before and After School Care is provided by Their Care. We value partnerships with community in Lions, Rotary and the Japanese Saturday College. We host the Japanese Saturday College each week who offer 21 classes for 310 students. Parent participation and support for our school from local community play a major role that is valued and encouraged.

The FISO priority for our school is Building Practice Excellence; encompassing teaching and learning, with a focus for students to: Think...Imagine...Become...