Sandringham East 1:1 Computer Program

Sandringham East Primary School provides students with a solid ICT / eLearning environment through the use of iPads, iPods, laptops, interactive whiteboards, flip cameras, cameras and PCs in classrooms.

Our 1:1 computer program was implemented at the beginning of 2013.  DET (Department of Education and Training) has since introduced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to permit computers owned by parents to be loaded with DET software and connected to the school network.

Sandringham East Primary School Council has a managed BYOD program for specific laptops that can be purchased or leased for school use through the Learning With Technologies (LWT) portal. This enables our teachers to continue to provide a high quality educational experience and to ensure that students have reliable and up to date computers.

Each year parents, with students in Level 3, 4, 5 and 6, have the opportunity to lease or purchase a laptop.  More information and links to the online portal can be found here (Laptop Purchase Link) or alternatively contact our eLearning Coordinator Miss Claire Parsons at

Link for Online Portal to purchase a laptop

Link for Online Insurance form for laptop repairs

Link for Information regarding BYOD at SEPS